Our Story

Ryan and I met on my 21st birthday...in a bar :) Despite what people tell you..sometimes it does work!

This our first picture together. After this night Ryan went back to Colorado for winter break without my number. After a week or so I finally I got the courage (with the help of a few drinks) to call him! That's right...I called him...we talked for two weeks before we met again...

After he returned we were basically together every day! Eventually Ryan graduated Law School and I finished my undergrad and we moved to Colorado.

 We had just gotten settled in Denver when we flew to Chicago for a Cards v. Cubs series, we were there with tons of friends and my parents and sister. After the game and dinner with Cassie and Ryan we ended at Navy Pier for fireworks. Right before they started Ryan pulled me aside (I had NO idea what was going to happen). He told me an adorable story, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I was in shock, but of course said YES! I was any amazing night spent with family and friends!!

In just 8 short months we were married in my home town. Our wedding was perfect in every way (minus a little rain). We are so blessed with great family and friends that helped make it a day we will never forget...

Just 13 1/2 months after our wedding day I woke up to this surprise on June 1st, 2010....

Just 7 weeks later we saw this on the screen at my first prenatal appointment...it was offical we were going to be parents!!!

After nine months of waiting to know if Baby P was a boy or a girl and 36 hours of labor I heard Ryan say "it's a GIRL!" and I fell so deeply in love with Brinley Grace!!

And now we're living life the only way we know how....together!