Birth Story

Here's how we went from this:

To this:

It was Friday, February 4th and I was exactly 39 weeks on the dot. It was a normal day at home for me until around 3pm when I started noticing that my Braxton Hicks (which I had been having for weeks) were getting stronger. I timed them for awhile while I layed on the couch, they weren't consistant so I decided to take a shower (thanks to Google I found out that true contractions would stay through a warm shower and Braxton Hicks would go away) through out the shower and after the contractions were still there. At this time they weren't terribly painful, they were mostly uncomfortable.

We had dinner plans with Ryan's parents and some family friends. We decided to join them, but not tell anyone what was happening (I didn't want a million people getting their hopes up, if the contractions decided to stop). I made it through a 2 hour dinner, still having contractions.

When we got home I told Ryan I thought these were different than my other contractions. We got out the contration calculator and they were coming every 4-6 minutes. I decided to shower again to see if that would do anything.

At 10:30 we decided to take a walk (another suggestion from Google) during the walk the contractions were getting stronger, but I was still able to walk and talk through them although it wasn't easy. When we got home they were coming every 3-5 minutes. We called the on-call nurse and off to the hospital we went. We arrived around midnight. I was put on the monitor and sure enough there were the contractions...however my cervix decided it didn't want to join the party after 9 hours of contractions I was at 1. I was NOT happy. They gave me a sleeping pill and told us to come back if they got more intense or more consistant (I'm not sure how much more consistant they wanted them).

My contractions continued through the night and when I woke up that morning I was worn down mentally. I couldn't imagine dealing with this for days if my cervix wouldn't get with the program. We decided to take another the snow! I was trying anything to get them to be stronger!

After our walk I made Ryan call the nurse to see what they would do if this continued with no progress...the answer...we don't induce until 41 weeks, so take some Benadryl and get some sleep (umm...have you ever tried to sleep through contractions?? doesn't work) again I was NOT happy. In fact I started crying..I was so worn out and feeling like I was going to have to do this for two weeks before anyone would help me.

After I pulled myself together I got up to take that stupid Benadryl so I could "sleep" the second I stood water broke. Right then, I couldn't believe it and we weren't sure at first. It wasn't like we had been told in class. We called the nurse back and they told us to come in right away.

We loaded up the car and at 3:15 (24 hours after my contractions started) we were on our way.

On our way to the hospital I called my parents to tell them we thought my water broke and to be ready to head to the airport once we knew for sure. While on the phone and the entire way there the contractions were A LOT stronger and coming every 3 minutes. When we arrived they checked was my water and there was maconium in it. They assured me it wasn't anything to worry about and we were sent up stairs.

I was wanting to go as long as possible without an epidural, at 6:30 I had had enough. I was tired and uncomfortable so I got the epidural (27 hours after the contractions started). It was AMAZING...sort of :)

When I was checked at 8pm I was only 2 cm...2!! All that and I hadn't gotten anywhere! So we started pitocin. Within a few hours I was at 9 cm and then my epidural wore off...and not on purpose! It hurt so bad!! The epi was working on my legs, but not on my I was dealing with Pitocin contractions without the ability to move through sucked. It seemed like hours before the doctor could come in and give me some more medicine.

After that it was time to push. I pushed for 45 mintues and then the moment we had been waiting 9 months for was here...out came Baby P and I heard Ryan's a GIRL!!

It was simply amazing! Ryan and I had some bonding time with Baby P after the NICU nurses gave her a clean bill of health (they were there because of the maconium). Ryan and I came to the hospital that day with 4 names...2 for a boy and 2 for a girl. While I held our baby girl for the first time we finally decided on a name..Brinley fits her perfectly!

While I snuggled baby Brinley, Ryan headed out to tell our anxious families the news.

It was an amazing experience...and although it lasted 36 hours I would do it again in a heartbeat!!