Monday, February 18, 2013

Brinley Special :)

Let me preface this video by saying I swear I'm a good Mommy and we don't walk around talking about body parts all day long :)
I'll explain more after you listen :)

Explanation: Brinley has recently become aware of my anatomy, and seeing as we are expecting #2 and I will be nursing in front of her I decided to just inform her of the objects she was noticing. 
She kept telling me that she wants them, so I kindly explained she would get them when she gets bigger. So that's where point number one comes from. 
As for the gum reference, I really have no idea where that started. She says Grandma has gum and that she can have it when she is older, but I have never know Ryan's mom to chew gum. For weeks she would reply "I get gums" to the question what will you get when you get older. Then one night while I was actually chewing gum I asked her what she would get when she was older and out came "boobies and gums" Ryan and I almost fell to the floor laughing...hilarious. 

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