Monday, May 14, 2012

She speaks :)

We have been working very hard on the names of our loved ones and so far Brinley is rocking all of them! Today I was able to catch her saying the names of my's so cute to hear her little munchkin voice :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Girl loves her "Sick"

Chapstick that is. Brinley is obsessed! It started as a simple toy to keep her occupied while Ryan was changing after work. Then she learned how to open it and the obsession exploded. She nows refers to it as "sick" and will dig in Ryan's pocket for it and rummage through the diaper bag until she finds mine.

She loves to make sure she has it on well and usually puts it clear up to her ears :) I asked Brinley to walk me through the steps of applying "sick" and this is what we got....

First you get the "sick" out of the diaper bag....(and yes this includes throwing everything on the floor)

Where do you put it?

Where else do you put it?

Now it's time for proper "sick" application..'s easy....

Now you show off your pretty lips :)

Incase the steps weren't quite enough here's the video of Brinley applying it herself...

Wordless Wednesday....She is her Mother's daughter :)

Over the last few weeks Brinley has learned about the amazingness that is Oreo cookies :)
Baby Girl is obsessed and thanks to cousin Taylor and Devon loving them too, there are always plenty at Grandma and Grandpa's. Here's what her face looks like after she enjoys a few delicious Oreo cookies :)